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XP Mesh Colour




What it does


XP Mesh Colour is a quick way of transferring particle colour from your X-Particles cache to a mesh.





It uses Cinema's pipeline tools which can be accessed with a free Houdini Indie License which applies a 'vertex colour' tag to your mesh - a feature implimented in R18 supported by the majority of 3rd party render engines including Redshift, Arnold and Octane.



How Does It Work?


Here's a tutorial/demo and a quick rundown of the features.





What Are the Requirements?


  • Cinema 4D R18 and up. R19 is recommended due to some bugs and issues I've recently been having with R18/Houdini's integration.

  • Free Houdini Indie license - Tutorial Here

  • X-Particles 3.5 and up (XP 4 has this feature built into the OVDMesher already).



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