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The Goal

There's not enough time in the day, so I made a constantly expanding set of tools to make the tedious quirks of Houdini's interface a non-issue - so you can focus on what matters.

Axis Tools

First, of 3 sets of shelves, this contains most of the geometry/sop level operations.

Select Keyframes/Reverse Keyframes

Select: Will select all time-dependent nodes in your scene - allowing you to shift all keyframes at once.

Reverse: simply is a 1 click solution to reverse selected keyframes - demonstrated below:

Compiled For Loop​


Generate a copy to points with a random object input.

Extract Selected

Extract ​SOP geometry to another geo network.

Includes 3 Options:

Separate Objects: will create a different geo node for each selection based either on a name you set or the node name.

Instances: this will take the name you input and add a number in front of it so it's easy to reference in instances.

Extract Packed: will assemble and extract each connected piece of geometry, the extracted geometry will have the axis centered on each object.


4 Layouts quick available sorting into cameras, lights, geometry and DOPs.​

Pick Focus

Append Copied

Quick Place

This shelf set allows you to generate your own tools​ that quickly place your frequently used nodes.

How the Generator Works

You get the node name, or just select 1 or a number of nodes you wish to create tools for.

It doesn't discriminate


Here's it working in a DOP net and on object level. If you try and place these objects in the wrong place it will just ignore it - no annoying popup errors.


Make it extra snappy by setting shortcuts for your most-used shelf tools.

Setup Saver


Works in a similar way but can save multiple nodes of your choice and will remember the contents of the nodes - including values and expressions.

Render Tools

Currently supporting Arnold and Redshift.

Assign New Mat


Will create a new material, will prompt you to choose the material type and name it, if you leave it blank it will use the default.

  • If you have nothing selected it will create the material and not assign it to anything.

  • If you have a SOP select it will create a 'Material' SOP and link your new material.

  • If you have a geo node, instance node, Arnold procedural, Arnold volume selected it will be applied to that object.

Material to Output

Set AOV Paths

Quick way to set all your AOV paths.

Set Render Camera

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