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A curated toolset for Houdini built to speed up your work and improve ease of use.

Every addition is detailed in the documentation.



  • Houdini builds 17.0 - 20.0,

  • Houdini Python 2 & 3 builds,

  • All platforms including Windows, Mac, and Linux.

Drag & Drop​

Drag and drop groups of textures, 3D formats, and merge specific nodes from a hip into the network view.​

Material Creation


Quickly create and assign Octane, Redshift, Arnold or Mantra materials.

  • Assigns materials to selected OBJ/SOP nodes.

  • Filter into new or existing network boxes.

  • Apply Houdini (cog wheel) presets.

  • Apply to geometry selections/groups.

  • Loads prior selections on reopen.

Material Management

Flipbook to MP4

File Manager

Collect HIP File

Right-Click Menu Additions​

Useful scripts, available in context-specific scenarios.

Highlight Rings

An out-of-the-box change to Houdini's network editor that highlights materials dependencies for currently selected OBJ/SOP nodes. Changing the camera in the viewport will also highlight cameras/camera switcher nodes. Enabled lights are indicated with a white circle.

Supports Mantra, Octane, Arnold & Redshift.