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The Goal

There's not enough time in the day, so I made a constantly expanding set of tools to make the tedious quirks of Houdini's interface a non-issue.

Main additions to Houdini:

  • Improved drag & drop functionality - video

  • UI to speed up your workflow and organize your hip files.

  • HDAs - mass replace terms in file nodes, split attributes evenly, quickly spawn variations files.

  • Various scripts including keyframe reversing, set ROP to active camera, clear unused materials, create and assign RS/Arnold materials, set all AOV paths, extract files, focus pick and focus object options added to cameras.

  • Save and append most used setups.

Every addition is detailed in the documentation.

What's New in v005​


Select: Will select all time-dependent nodes in your scene - allowing you to shift all keyframes at once.

Reverse: simply is a 1 click solution to reverse selected keyframes - demonstrated below:

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