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The Goal

There's not enough time in the day, so I made a constantly expanding set of tools to make the tedious quirks of Houdini's interface a non-issue.

Main additions to Houdini:

  • Improved drag & drop functionality - video

  • UI to speed up your workflow and organize your hip files.

  • HDAs - mass replace terms in file nodes, split attributes evenly, quickly spawn variations files.

  • Various scripts including keyframe reversing, set ROP to active camera, clear unused materials, create and assign RS/Arnold materials, set all AOV paths, extract files, focus pick and focus object options added to cameras.

  • Save and append your most used node trees.

Every addition is detailed in the documentation.

What's New in v006

  • Material Assign reduced to single script. Supports Redshift, Arnold, Octane & Mantra.

  • Take Manager: mass generate takes from parameters to quickly create controlled variations for clients. 

  • Incremental Save - single click hip file version up.

  • $JOB setter - a quick way to set your $JOB variable to a parent folder or custom location.

  • WIP - single click ROP digital asset that saves a flipbook as a gif, mov, or mp4.

  • Mat to Output improvements - Volume, bump, and displacement go into the correct input. Added Octane support.

  • Drag & Drop improvements: Hold 'Ctrl/CMD' to create relative references to $JOB,$HIP,$HOME if applicable. Hold 'Shift' to ignore PBR inputs. Hold 'Alt' to import a sequence (adds $F in place of the frame number). Creates separate 'geo' node per file when dropping inside geo network. Node names change to reflect the file name when dropped. Now supports image drops in COP networks. USD file imports now supported. Improved 'undos' - undo your import in 1 click.

What's New in v005​

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