New in v010

Brought back $JOB Set from v8

Net Clipboard:

Store and share node networks to a folder or IP address.

Drag & Drop:

Added support for Octane Material builder, drop .osl files or images.

WIP Flipbook:

Added progress/estimated remaining time dialog

Add shared frame flipping

New in v009

Houdini Python 3 builds now supported.

HIP Defaults:

New UI tool that allows you to set default options upon creating a new HIP file, saving it or loading an existing HIP file.

Added 'Axis' drop-down menu to Houdini's main menu condensing most used tools from the shelves.

​File Manager Changes:

Added option allowing for user-defined sequence variables.

Bug fix for FBX files suffixed with '#'.

Selecting nodes in Houdini will highlight them in File Manager.

Added support for windows UNC paths (paths prefixed with '\\')

Add/edit any string parameter, not limited to strings that are set as file paths.

Replace has 2 new options; change node references from absolute to relative, and mass version up/ down files.

Convert image files to a different colourspace.

Filter/search for files by node type or by the file name.

Option to sort alphabetically.

Drag & Drop

Fixed PBR inputs for newer version Redshift/Arnold shaders.

Fixed dropping UNC paths on Windows.

Added support for dropping .osl files into Arnold & Redshift material builders.

Added support for dropping supported audio files onto the CHOP level.

Material Assignment:

Shift + Dragging entries into the network editor will jump to their network.

'Select all' fixed.

New option when right-clicking on materials to move them to a new network.

Selections are maintained when refreshing or adding to list.


Ability to set relative paths instead of absolute node references.

Right-clicking on the extract location allows you to get the parent network of your node selection.

Select output index to extract from.

Save UI selections.

Instancer (SOP Level Digital Asset):

Ability to reorder and delete instances via the 'Reorder' button.

Append Copied UI config:

Ctrl/CMD clicking on the shelf tool opens the Append Copied UI. 

Set default options.

Select nodes from a node tree to append to.


'Save Redshift Render View' supported on all platforms.

Flipbook WIP:

Fixed video not cropping to the specified resolution.

Support for flipping simultaneously in multiple instances of Houdini.

Fixed FPS bug.

'Get Active Camera's Resolution' option available when right-clicking on vector 2 parameters.

File/Node Path Converter

3+ dialog boxes have been condensed into 1 UI that saves your prior choices.

Bulk Apply Parameters

A new tool that allows you to set references or raw values from 1 node to many of the same type.

New in v008

  • New additions documented in the video below.

New in v007

  • Drag & Drop supports .hip file merging and otl/hda installs.

  • Drop H18 - solution to fix drag and drop bug in Houdini 18.

  • 'Highlight Rings' - highlights material dependencies and current cameras in the network view.

  • .hipnc/.hiplc to .hip converter.

  • Right-click menu additions including opening directories in the file explorer, drag and drop directories into parameters. View and manipulate material assignments. Set parameter to the active camera. Right clicking on RS texture shaders allows you to turn it into a sprite. Right clicking RS normal nodes allows you to turn it into a bump shader.

  • ROPs (Arnold, RS, Mantra, Octane) camera parameter will now set to active scene camera on creation.

  • Append copied allows for large node trees to be pasted. Hold shift to prepend nodes.

  • 'Instancer' SOP added - quickly distribute different instances randomly or via an attribute.

  • AOV loader - save AOVs to be loaded later into RS, Arnold, or Mantra ROPs.

  • Version Jump: quickly load other versions of your hip file.

  • Saving now creates the environment variable '$VERSION'.

  • Material Assign - added 'node name' option to generate material per selected. 'Scene Viewer' mode allows you to assign materials directly to geometry selections. Filter materials into new or existing network boxes.

  • Take Manager has attribute tab, allowing you to create blasts for each unique value for a SOP.

New in v006

  • Material Assign reduced to single script. Supports Redshift, Arnold, Octane & Mantra.

  • Take Manager: mass generate takes from parameters to quickly create controlled variations for clients. 

  • Incremental Save - single click hip file version up.

  • $JOB setter - a quick way to set your $JOB variable to a parent folder or custom location.

  • WIP - single click ROP digital asset that saves a flipbook as a gif, mov, or mp4.

  • Mat to Output improvements - Volume, bump, and displacement go into the correct input. Added Octane support.

  • Drag & Drop improvements: Hold 'Ctrl/CMD' to create relative references to $JOB,$HIP,$HOME if applicable. Hold 'Shift' to ignore PBR inputs. Hold 'Alt' to import a sequence (adds $F in place of the frame number). Creates separate 'geo' node per file when dropping inside geo network. Node names change to reflect the file name when dropped. Now supports image drops in COP networks. USD file imports now supported. Improved 'undos' - undo your import in 1 click.

New in v005​