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Greeble Presets




What Does It Do?


Greeble Presets is a library of 11 customizable presets that turns your low poly geometry into intricate faceted objects.





Each preset includes its own bespoke set of parameters along with a consistent set of options.





Noise-driven animation is available for all presets.







When 'Bevel' is enabled you can select the bevel polygons making it easy to apply an outline glow to the edges. A similar effect could be achieved using a 'curvature' or 'dirt' shader depending on your render engine.


There's an included random colour tag that makes each separate polygon a different colour. You can import this colour into your material using a vertex map shader.





  • Cinema 4D R18 and up

  • Free Houdini Indie license - Tutorial Here



Presets Gallery





Render Gallery





Test Asset


I would recommend making sure your Houdini integration works before buying any of my assets.


First, follow my installation tutorial of the Houdini pipeline, then try loading this free asset (Pipeline>Houdini Engine>Load Asset...). It should load an asset named 'test'.



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