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Bevel Anything




What Does It Do?


Bevel anything takes advantage of the Houdini integration inside of Cinema 4D. This Allows you to smooth out the edges on your personal models, or that TurboSquid model with terrible topology.



Made for Deadlines


While working on the Graff Diamonds job, I had created all the characters from booleans and the client wanted them to have smooth edges. After trying to clean the topology up for an hour with no success, I had to come up with a reliable solution to meet the 2-week turnaround. Below is beveling the edges (left) and Bevel Anything (right).





How Does It Work?


You just load the asset, plonk in your mesh and bask in the glory of your beveled model. Instead of selecting edges and beveling them Bevel Anything is re-meshing and smoothing out your object in the process, allowing it work on any mesh, no matter the topology!



What Are the Requirements?





The UI is very easy to use with just a few sliders.


Resolution - The lower value, the higher resolution your mesh will be.


Smoothing Type - These are just a few processes you can try on your mesh, by default mean value is selected which I've found is better for sharper edges while gaussian creates more bubbly and softer shapes.


Bevel Radius & Multiplier: - these are your controls for how much you want to bevel your object by.





Other Use Cases


Here I've used it to combine vector floral pattern and a vase - creating a sculpted look.

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