Adidas E Ball - EA Sports


3D Motion Design

Project directed by Raj Davsi at The Mill - I lead the 3D side. 

Depicting the beauty of the iconic Adidas balls, which goes on to reveal the new E-Ball. The full CG piece features unique, atmospheric and foreign environments with the combination of elaborate and technical transitions, knitted together to form a high-energy story that plays out across the skies.

film frames_0015.png

Behind the Scenes



VFX Creative
Director: Raj Davsi
Creative Director: Tom Dibb
3D Lead: Ewan Davidson
2D Lead Artist: Soledad Martin, Laique Quraishi
2D Artist: Jyoti Tiwari, Jiten Harkhani, Rahul Roy
3D Supervisor: James Allen
(3D) Design: Ewan Davidson, Nikita Shestakov
3D Artist: Anish Mohan, Bhavesh Budhkar, Kuldeep Singh Waldia, Guru Prasad, Ramki T, Vaishali Golap
FX Lead: Gaurav Mathur
FX Artists: Ashwin Arun Bansode, Avani Shukla, Sparsh Kumar, Vudatha Sai Krishna
Finish Artist: Richard Payne
Motion Graphics: Sam Singleton, Paul Bloomfield

Senior Producer: Nicole Duncan
Producer: Nitin Kumar Bahl, Utkarsha Shinde
Production Coordinator: Judit Jakli

Storyboard: Saffron Lee


Brand Name: Electronic Arts (EA)
Creative Director: Tom Gent
Program Manager: Tom Woodhouse
Producer-Editor-Creative: Justin Joseph
Production Manager: Jen Wing
Comms Lead: Matthew Fishwick


Colour: The Mill
Colourist: Alex Gregory

2012 - 2020 ​ Ewan Davidson